Limited Post-ICO UNCLAIMED TOKEN SALE ends in:






Past-Sale Intellium Token Distribution

21 November 2017

We are excited to announce that with the tremendous support of our partners and crypto lovers from all over the world 19 500 000 INTL tokens has officially been distributed! Right now we are finished with all the numbers and calculations. We would like to thank each and every one of our contributors. We’re extremely honored that you have shown us this level of support.

Claiming Tokens From The Token Sale

1. Get The Waves Client:

• PC Client:

• Android App:

• iOS App:

2. Save seed into txt file. DON’T lose this file and DON’T share it to other people as well. You can also write it down on a piece of paper.

3. Claim your Intellium Tokens here by submitting folowing info:

- Your name

- Email

- Contribution TxID

- Waves Account Address


*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CONTRIBUTORS who started the token sale registration process but did not complete it for unknown reasons. We understand that such situation could occur by accident and a contributor has the right to recieve his share of tokens. To solve this problem we have created The Unclaimed Token Reserve. Please, fill the form and get Tokens here:

 4. Bounty rewards

If you have participated in our bounty programs, don’t forget to claim your rewards by completing this form.


December 5th, 2017

The List of 10,000(INTL) BOUNTY CONTEST winners that have already submitted their claims:

1. Felix Ardian Agung

2. Dimas Pramudana

3. Nico Saputra

4. Abriansyah Markhaddam

5. Ryan Jorgensen

We are waiting for claims of other contestants.

Congratulations and best wishes in your creative future!


What are the next steps?

The proceeds of the token sale will be used for further development of INTELLIUM ACCELERATOR, so that we will stay the market leader and achieve our ambitious goals  to launch 12 Startup short term Fund  by 2018 and 24 Startup Fund by 2019.

INTL listed on exchanges

We are currently in private negotiations with several exchanges, and we expect to make a public announcement in the upcoming weeks. We are planning to list INTL on crypto exchanges, starting with smaller ones (e.g. DEX, Yobit, AEX etc), and going to larger exchanges, such as Bitfinex.

(A little piece of advice: There is no need to hurry and sell your Tokens on a thin market.  Our biggest contributors, large Orient&Pacific Crypto Funds have investment horizons at least 3 years and won’t sell their holdings before this time. Likewise, it would be much smarter to wait until the market mature  and you  could get the real price for your investments.)

INTELLIUM 2018 Sydney Summer Workshop

In order to empower crypto educational sector development, we have plans to organize INTELLIUM 2018 Sydney Summer Workshop to gather  crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.
Cprypto Entrepreneurs will get a chance to find advisors and investors, build strategic partnerships, find contractors and get new ideas for their businesses. Investors can learn first about new opportunities, multiply their reputation and expertise and strengthen their ties. Also, journalists and bloggers can get high-quality content and access to top projects for their media.






1. Target industry = Blockchain + Cryptocurrencies

2. Accelerating Top Stars (70%) + Startup High Performers (30%)

3. Proof-of-Talent Protocol

4. Tokenization and securitization of Intellectual assets as the key attractive point for a creative individual


The power of early stage investments

Priority Funding and Accelerating Research - Intellium Platform provides access to early-stage investments that catalyze blockchain innovations into thriving businesses. These investments are designed to bridge the gap between traditional research and development (R&D) funding and private investment.

BMSTU Support - Intellium Platform offers full assistance to startup businesses applying to the Bauman State Technical University programs for research and development funding.

Startup Support - Intellium also offers a suite of other resources—from research expertise to management consulting—to help startups succeed. All of these results in x2...x10...x100 Returns.

INTELLIUM brings real world investments and blockchain together to transform capital markets


• Educate executives and students . Generate new knowledge about commercial, managerial and societal implications of blockchain technologies. Intellium Accelerator focuses on banking, mobility, energy and other sectors of industry.

• Develop prototypes to evaluate blockchain concepts and assess their business potential for a variety of stakeholders and applicability in existing business processes.

• Build a strong investment oriented platform for blockchain experts, corporates, industry experts and entrepreneurial talents.


Intellium provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to get into the blockchain chemistry



Token Full Name: Intellium Token

Token Symbol: INTL

Role of Token: Proof-of-Membership

Total Token Supply: 20 000 000 tokens

Tokens on Pre-Sale: 4 000 000 tokens

Tokens on Token Sale: 10 000 000 tokens

Tokens distributed among the Team, Founders and Advisors: 6 000 000 tokens

Pre-Sale End: Token cap reached or 30 Days

Adjustable: All unsold during Token Sale tokens will be burned

Token Sale Price per token (locked): 1 USD

Token Sale Price per token for cryptocurrecy contributors depends on current market prices.



The exact number of tokens for each participant will be calculated 14 days after the Token Sale ends.

Why the price of Intellium Tokens will rise?


Intellium token - represents the right to receive a part of company's profit.

10% of the profits made from Intellium platform will be distributed to contributors, via a token buyback program. The tokens bought back will be burned to reduce the overall INTL token supply. A gradual reduction in token supply will eventually increase on the token value, benefiting all token holders. This program will be executed every 12 months.

20% of the profits will be distributed annually through dividend distribution program via smart contract. Eligible for distribution are all Intellium (INTL) token holders on a predetermined record date.


Token Sale fund is distributed for business development, operations, IT security and compliance, licensing, regulation and legal expenses.


Bounty program

Be creative and have fun!


Create an amazing Intellium Token Sale internet poster. Publish and share your design in any social community. Complete the Bounty Form with the link to your published Poster. 40 best Designers will recieve up to 2% of a total amount of tokens distributed. (400,000 tokens divided by 40 equals 10,000 intellium tokens). Be creative and share your inspiration with others. It increases your chances to win up to $10,000! Bounty Forms accepted till the end of the Token Sale period.

December 5th, 2017

The List of 10,000(INTL) BOUNTY CONTEST winners that have already submitted their claims:

1. Felix Ardian Agung

2. Dimas Pramudana

3. Nico Saputra

4. Abriansyah Markhaddam

5. Ryan Jorgensen

We are waiting for claims of other contestants.

Congratulations and best wishes in your creative future!



Have a look at some of great posters our participants submitted to the bounty program:


















































Bounty Program - Be creative and have fun!

Create an amazing Intellium Token Sale internet poster.
Publish your design in any social community.
Share with your friends
Submit the Bounty Form with the link to your published Poster.

Development Team

Our goal is to make a difference to the way people invest in the new Digital Age



  • Shing Cheng - JavaScript Experienced frontend developer with a focus on blockchain technology and writing smart contracts. Lead UI Developer , JSX and CSS Modules. Extensive knowledge of Front End Technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, VueJS, Bootstrap.



  • Srinivas Babu Arumalla - C++ High-level software development with main exposure to C++, C#, Python, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Unix Shell Scripting, Bash. Implemented enhancements in the Graphene blockchain platform for benchmarking. C++ with STL and Boost libraries on Linux.



  • Kevin Phan - Corporate attorney, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, raising multiple venture rounds, completing strategic technology agreements, and negotiating IP licensing. Currently acting as corporate counsel for numerous high profile ICO (initial coin offering) transactions.



  • Ken Leong Tan - Blockchain & cryptocurrency development experience, consulting clients on blockchain technology, smart contract systems, and distributed application stacks. CTO, technical advisor and software tech leader. Proficient in C++, C#, Python, Javascript and Solidity.



  • Chenchu Reddy - Experience in finance, holding various executive positions in London, Frankfurt and Tokio, including Citigroup, Unicredit, and Raffaisen, mainly heading departments of both equity and derivatives trading. Main geographic focus is Middle East, Africa, CEE countries and Europe.



  • Alvin Vong - UI / Frontend UI/UX design and frontend development implementing web service layers using HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript 6 and jQuery. Projects using VueJS and ReactJS, with Jest and Mocha testing environments. Python/Golang and API design with Apache Swagger.